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Latin chatroom

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Our latin chat offers free chat rooms for latin people. Connect and chat live with latina chztroom latino friends in your area or around the world. Need to translate "chat room" to Latin? Here's how you say it.

Klaus Bung: What use is Latin? Klaus Bung has just ed an article on: "What use is Latin? Information about teaching of Latin and of Sanskrit as a conversational language. Link to a Latin chatroom. The original article is in German. An important study by Haag and Stern about the benefits of learning Patin, or otherwise, is referred to and has been published in English. Is knowledge of Latin useful?

Experiences in Germany. A growing ifrance chat secondary school students are learning Latin. Parents and education experts disagree amongst each other whether or not knowledge of Latin is an advantage chatrooom a career.

Latin chatroom

Hardly any of the employers questioned insists on Latin, some employers and experts think Latin irrelevant, some employers favour applicants with Latin, other things being equal. They see it as a of general education and reliability, love of study for its own sake, a good family background, ability to think logically, likelihood to be good at learning other languages, to work in an organised and disciplined way, to communicate well, etc.

It is often asserted that knowledge of Latin makes it easier for pupils to learn other languages at a later time, especially Romance languages. On the contrary, pupils who first learned Latin and then Spanish did worse than pupils who first learned French and then Spanish. Defenders of Latin Among the most prominent defenders of Latin Defensor Fidei is retired Professor Wilfried Strohand another link herewho wrote the bestseller "Latein ist tot, es lebe Latein!

Little history of free privet sex chat great languagetranslated into French as "Latin est mort, vive le Latin! Petite histoire d'une grande langue", Paris He teaches his students not only to translate from and into Latin but to converse in Latin.

Latin chatroom

Knowing Latin opens new worlds to you, he says, enables you to look with different eyes on years of history. It should be learnt as part of general education, even if it turned out not to help Latinists to have an advantage when hunting for a job.

They don't help you get a job. It is called " Colloquia Latina ".

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Latin is competing with English as an international language. The study by Haag and Stern is available on the Internet.

In: Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. The Haag-Stern study does not try to prove categorically that learning Latin is useless for learning other languages.

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❶to chatroom. Spoken Sanskrit Readers of this article may be interested to know that there is also an ever growing movement to teach and use Sanskrit as a conversational language. One of the representatives of this movement is Dr Prabhu Shastri Londonwho has contributed a paper on the history and present rabbit chat of this movement to the DYLL website, which will soon be ed.

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Klaus bung reflects on the value of knowing latin when learning other languages

That includes the little Latin you know and, being situation-based, cannot be formally tested. I cannot quite see positive transfer the opposite st louis singles chat interference having been measured in the study; perhaps it was taken for granted or it is impossible to measure. It is a nice story for Latinists. It chtaroom not matter so much WHAT the endings are.

When talking of the personal benefits of which I am so conscious, I do not cnatroom logical thinking and the like, but almost entirely learning and guessing vocabulary. It was just a natural part of language learning to be overcome by patient and steady practice.

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Please come, log in, and enjoy! It shows that students who learnt Latin first and then went on to learn Spanish did, when tested, worse than students who learnt French first and then Spanish. Spanish as first foreign language; let's discount English because its status as coming dirtiest texts to send to a guy after German is not up for debate.|Basic -in needs no Latin.

You are warmly invited to Convivium Latinum. You will need to add some Latin speaking friends to get started, if you don't yet have any; you can find a list of Convivium Latinum users here. There are some sioux city dirty sex talk It is easy to start a voice chat, by clicking chatrolm someone's name from the list of participants at the top of the - those with a green tick, are online, and available.]

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